"Food For the Soul starts with the seasonings" Chef J.L. Michaels


Q&A With Chef J.L. Michaels

Q1.) Lets cut to the chase, people have places to go and things to do. What's next on the horizon for this website?

Well, now that we are off and running there will be other editions to the site. I will create three more blends including one for seafood/shellfish with an emphasis on tarragon. I plan to add a section called "recipes on the fly" in which I post simple recipes to make good use of your seasoning purchase. Who knows, may even throw a blog up if times allows! We shall see!

Q2.) You state on the site that five of your blends are alkaline and the rest aren't. Can you elaborate on what that means to the "Constant consumer"?

What I'm saying is the five gourmet green seasoning blends are 100% alkaline in nature, gluten-free and vegetarian/Vegan friendly. Alkaline herbs and spices are of course grown from seeds and they are needed within the human body.  Better overall health is more than possible with a balanced alkaline lifestyle change; not a diet.  

This means to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that have seeds in them and not a focus on hybrid foods. For many who want to eat healthy vegetables, they don't know how to season them to make them taste delicious and full of flavor. 

Many seasonings are loaded with too much salt and ingredients that have no business in our bodies. S² gourmet all-purpose seasonings were created to help enhance the alkaline benefits for better overall physical balance in what you eat.  If you’re an individual who enjoys a medley of stir-fried vegetables, you can sprinkle some on and not only enjoy the flavor it brings to your dish; but know that you have ingredients that your body needs. You can use these blends on almost ANYTHING! Taste them for yourself and I bet you will come up with MANY uses for them!

Q3.) I notice that there are no ingredients on the back of the container. Why is that?


I will be completely honest; The Label "Struggle" is real.  You would not believe how much it cost to put ingredients and nutrition info on products. There is a certain way that I would like to have that info on the back of all of the containers, but it cost money a lot of money. I don't want to hold up the product line because of that. I'm working towards raising the capital for that and when the time is right, I will have that taken care of.  For now, I will create an ingredients page so everyone can see what each and every gourmet all-purpose seasoning blend has in it and you will see for yourself that:

1.)  It's Simple...  :)

2.) Zero Allergens within ANY of the blends

3.)  You can look up EACH ingredient yourself and see the health benefits; Don't take my word for it. An informed consumer is indeed a WISE consumer.

4.) If you have a concern about the salt within the blends (with the exception of the salt-free) keep this in mind. A 6 oz. container has a teaspoon and a half of sea salt; and that's also the use of salt "cream" which is the best of the best; Excellent for the body.

Q4.) You talk about the five green blends being 100% alkaline but what about the two red one’s Chi-Town Red and Hickory Swag?

They both have garlic powder in them which is highly acidic. Now the history of garlic is unparalleled with its many uses during the various Egyptian periods. Both for medicinal and culinary benefits but this is exactly what I mean about BALANCE. One cannot be 100% alkaline or acidic in nature or they will die instead there has to be some kind of balance. Like how many Mediterranean entrees have a large portion of vegetables, a portion of lentils, beans or seeds and a small portion of meat protein resulting in people who live long healthy lives due to the balance on their plates?  There are MANY cultures that practice balanced eating and they are able to keep their weight down and cholesterol levels low. You will see from the ingredients page that the rest of the recipes of both blends are alkaline in nature but still are excellent for the body.

Q5.) You really don't have a refund or exchange policy. Why is that?

In this wondrous era of technology, we are more astute with what we do and how we handle our business on a daily basis.  Because I'm running a business, I must focus on what's important to keep it afloat and moving effortlessly. These blends are made by hand, not in a factory (YET I might add) and are handcrafted for ultimate customer satisfaction.  There isn't a place to store endless exchanges and returns in a department to send out to other customers after an in-depth inspection of tampering in another department.  

These seasoning blends are created and ship out with the express thought that the customer will use it and enjoy its essential benefits to the customer's palate and body, after all, they paid for it! I'm trusting in the fact that there are MANY savvy consumers who are more than intelligent enough to know what they want AND need and order accordingly. If it's not for some then they won't order and save the issue of a return or exchange process

Q6.) What is your Goal(s) for this gourmet all-purpose seasoning line?

S² Table Seasoning is all about simplicity, a little bit of nutrition goes a long way with a lot of flavors. I want people to know that there is a tasteful and healthy seasoning alternative for the masses to other seasonings packed with "flavorless powder" that you must add a whole lot in order to get some kind of "spark" within their dishes. I want my variety of blends to be within many household spice cabinets and commercial kitchens so when they are used people can say  "Now that was good, what did you put in it?" and they can raise a container of S² and shake it with a smile.

Q7.) Alrighty then! Can you tell us who created that "Simplistic" yet dazzling page?

That's Easy! It was my "MainMan40,000" Mr. Thurman Williams. He took my vision and idea and made it into a reality better than I would have. A popular saying within business circles is to hire people who are smarter than you; He is a perfect example of that saying.  You see in college I learned website design but that was YEARS ago, and you know times change! He is up to date and has the talent in hand. You can reach him at 3rd Eye Wide Wear if you’re interested in his various services.