"Food For the Soul starts with the seasonings" Chef J.L. Michaels

3.5 oz. S2 Seasoning
An ode to the memory of 1970’s south side of Chicago, IL. in which the dominate wood of choice as well as bbq flavor was Hickory. There was only one bbq sauce that almost everyone used in a blue and white bottle. This seasoning blend has a focus on an intense hickory flavor; If you want bbq without sauce then this is the blend for you. Excellent when mixed with brown sugar and rubbed on ribs; slow and low will result in some of the best ribs you ever had.
A combination of various herbs and spices with the edition of white truffle sea salt; This is the flagship product. Not for the faint of heart with its bold flavor. Outstanding on a good ribeye steak and a big baked potato, Sprinkle on hot crispy french fries or a nice seared piece of salmon; You can’t lose with this blend within your spice rack collection.
“Salt-Free” blend was made for those who can’t have salt in their diets or would like to try an alternative to some salt heavy seasoning out there. Dill weed and lemon zest is the focus of this blend. You can also combine this with other herbs and spices to create your own flavor foundation to bring out the very best in your entrees, soups etc. Try it on your hot and cold pasta salads.
S3” Blend is another gourmet all-purpose seasoning that has a focus in soups, stews and sauces. Porcini salt enhances with unparalleled “Umami” depth combined with the rest of the herbs and spices brings balance to all of your creations within your kitchen; Taste it and see for yourself; You will come up with MANY ideas for its use; Also a great base when creating a salad dressing.“
The “Green” blend that started it all original was made to add flavor to a variety of foods.  A 100% alkaline blend with only 1 1⁄2 tsp. of sea salt within a 3.5oz container. With herbs and spices from all over the globe “Original Blend” was crafted with a complex flavor and your health in mind.
“Spicy blend” is for those who want a gourmet blend with some kick! Using four types of peppers/chilies waking those tastebuds with a nice balance of flavor. Always a great idea to have a spicy seasoning blend that you can actually TASTE; Well this blend has that and much MORE!!
Add some of this to your next cookout; A complete seasoning for those who love to go outside and “burn” on the grill on a nice summer day, a cold rainy night or the dead of winter. Mesquite flavor combines with this spice blend to bring your “A” game to ANY BBQ causing people to ask “Hey what is that on the meat?” Add to baked beans, potato chips or popcorn; This blend will be indispensable in your cookouts, get togethers, picnics or camping trips.

3.5 oz. S2 Seasoning

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Chef J.L. Michaels created S2 Seasoning, a premium seasoning line that has low salt content but is fully packed with flavor. S2 Seasoning is produced in fine powder form to bring out the essence of exquisite taste. The perfect companion that will enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes. Use S2 Seasoning as a rub, marinade or just sprinkle it on your meats, soups and/or salads to unleash their natural flavors.