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S² latest news 5/26/22


It has been a VERY LONG time since I've posted ANYTHING within my blog and I apologize DEEPLY for that.  I am here however to announce some great news coming across the horizon! S² Table Seasonings will have a new look and a new website in the near future! I have only the first seven blends on the website but I have since created 14 total to date!  Check it out:

1.) Cantina This was a blend I've created due to visiting various dive bars, hole in the wall spots and many cantina's where the food looked good but was missing a lil something; This blend was created to bring it on past the finish line! A tomato base product that's good on all proteins, fish, veggies snacks you name it! Also great as a base for sauces and dips!

2.) Smokin Sweet An Alternative BBQ flavor with a chipotle base and a touch of brown sugar. This blend is very well balanced and will go well with ANYTHING you choose to put on the grill! Sprinkle on popcorn, warm tortilla chips grilled veg, beef, chicken or shrimp for your next fajita party!

3.) Sunni Herbz This is an italian inspired blend; Take your pasta creations to the next level with a few shakes!  Try it on your favorite seafood, veggies, snacks as well as a great base for sauces!

4.) Signature Southwest Blend  This is my ode to the mighty southwest; A balanced blend made for some good brisket slow cooked on a grill, awesome on all proteins, beans, snacks and even a great base for a salad dressing. Has a lil kick but surely worth the bite!

5.) Cilantro N Lime  A chef friend of mine said to me one day "I would like for you to make a cilantro and lime blend". I replied "There are many in the market today. He said "I know but YOU can make it better". Really meant alot to me because this young man knows what good flavor is all about so I set out to make it and you know what? HE LOVED IT; Said the flavors was "Spot on!" This is a blend that has some many uses! Create an outstanding rice with it, try it on Poultry, seafood and shellfish, Pasta, Snacks and mix with a quality olive oil for an outstanding salad dressing!

Spicy Hickory Swag  Now this is a gourmet seasoning blend for those who want a lil heat with thier BBQ flavor. Well balanced to  bring that "Extra Something" to whatever protein you choose!  Ribs will sing with that blend on top; Mix it into your own BBQ sauce for another outstanding flavor!  Make a salad dressing with some flare! How about on some fresh fruit like strawberries or watermelon? You can't lose with a lil "swag" on your summer table!


Spicy Chi-Town Red  How does adding a lil "Fire' to your ribeyes on the grill sound? With an unparalleled flavor this gourmet blend will bring your next BBQ to the stuff of legend with many asking you "What did you put on this chicken and where can I get it?" Mix it with some avocado oil,  a few tablespoons of lemon juice and a few tablespoons of your favorite honey into a squeeze bottle and drizzle it on  you pulled pork or shredded beef; WATCH OUT NOW!


2022 will be an outstanding year with alot of possibilities!  The plan is to update the website this year with the new editions so STAY TUNED! :)

 Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and read my blog; Its means the world to me.  I'm working hard to grow this brand with such an outstanding product line! Be safe out there and I will talk to you again soon!





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